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Sunday, August 11, 2013



Roz, the ladder is gorgeous. I've wanted such a long for ages but now we simply don't have the room. And I LOVE the way the pot looks after your attention.


Delightful day for you and what wonderful finds. Love the pot after its scrubbing. And the ladder does a fine job of displaying your plants.


Love it!


dear roz,
a warm welcome to postcards from paradise;
a bit of sacred in every ordinary, and certainly you have hit pay dirt! loving your handy ladder, stairway to floral heaven! and the black patina on the terracotta pot? definitely the most charming detail.
is there anything more satisfying then discovering something life has long ago cast away and giving it a charming new purpose in live?
can't wait to see what possess you within the week and has you hungry to share more!


Don't know what else was there but you sure came away with two great pieces. The ladder makes such a great plant display and the new pot, after much work, looks like something found in a museum.


Lisa at Greenbow

It would be paradise cruising an antique shop and finding these wonderful items. Happy Day.

Paula Hagar

That ladder is truly PERFECT for your plants! What a find, Roz. Love it.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Roz, it is so good to have you post at Postcards and hope you visit again tomorrow (or today for you--I know it's 6 a.m. there) for Mornings With Mary. And thanks for mentioning my name. I love your ladder and your pot--and how everything turned out. I so hope to visit Autumn Cottage one day, as you know. I have a rickety old ladder up on my deck--and now I'm thinking.

Banker's niece seeks perfection

Size seven feet is not clodhopping - mine are eight and a half! You're right though about those objects we all search for. My treasures are CLOTHES (new or old) which can be altered, customised, used to alter other clothes etc etc. Such fun and so satisfying. (And very necessary when you're five foot ten inches like I am.)

Margaret R Lambert

Dear Roz, my first look at a non-medical screen in nearly two wees, and I am so pleased to see your new additions as well as another look at Houghton Hall. I always alike something to add height, and the ladder is perfect!! Such a treat to see after days in hospital!

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