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Sunday, September 15, 2013



I love the poem, and the photos, especially the ferns growing out of the old stones. Life continuing....

Sherry Smyth

Such a beautiful, peaceful spot.


I love ruins! especially of abbeys and churches like these ones you shared. They're so beautiful. I really enjoyed viewing them. Oh, the graveyard with the lake beyond. I could sit there all day.



These are wonderful photos and your poetry works perfectly with them. I wish I could go there. It looks so peaceful and quiet, like one could find their soul there.



Sue Fox

I see we share the same love...
the Welsh mountains, rivers and sea they call to me over and over,
my heart anchors after residing there...sigh.
Lovely images and sentiment. x


Love these they are in the land of my father as well. These images makes my heart soar.


what awesome photos; have a nice Sunday

much love...

Wabi Sabi

Just beautiful! Such a different landscape! Thank you for sharing.

Lisa at Greenbow

Fascinating how long humans have been in this area and left their mark. Nature always wins.

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