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Thursday, February 20, 2014


Margaret Lambert

I have been possessed with that compulsion to research as well, and especially when I have been grieving. It's not just a distraction, though it works well for shifting focus when necessary, it also connects us in satisfying ways. I have enjoyed sharing stories of their fascinating ancestors with my husband and children.Thank you for expressing it so well, and congratulations on all your latest discoveries. Well done!


I go through spurts of interest in looking up family history. I have a sense that much will be lost if I don't write it down now. My grandparents were immigrants (Mennonites from the Ukraine) and it's very difficult to find information very far back.

I appreciate your thoughts on connection - how the past and present tie together and lead on into the future.

Her outdoors

Many wise words - particularly the last. We never listen to our relatives when we're younger, do we, when they're talking about family stories, and then they're gone and we've forgotten half of what they said.


Many years ago, Roz, I did a lot of searching for our roots. That was back in teh days before the internet and all the sites with so much information at the ready. Working on family history is a lot like a jigsaw puzzle - you get little bits framed around the edge, maybe get a cluster of people from one "branch" of the tree, then move to another and find more and eventually, if you're lucky, you are able to tie them together. My sister went on to continue the search - by this time she had the internet and was able to go far and away beyond where I'd gotten. It IS fascinating.

Cindy Ellison

Hello, I just discovered your blog via a photo on Pinterest. I've been sitting here going through some of your recent post and I must say - I do enjoy it! Of course, living in the U.S., I am enthralled with the British - I always have been - way before Downton Abbey! My great-grandfather was a Densmore - his parents came from England in the 1800's. My grandma collected antiques and decorated in the English style. So I say its in my blood. Anyway, I look forward to seeing more post from you! Thank You!


That's why I began blogging more than 8 years ago, with my father struggling with Alzheimer I feared I might loose all my memories one day and my blog became a sort of colorful diary...

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