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Wednesday, May 14, 2014



Oh wow! I am so envious....
I too have it in the blood, linen manufacturers on one branch of the family, silk merchants on another.
Enjoy your luscious loot. :-)

Boyd Savage

Oooooo - I especially love the silk toile and the chenille brocade! I can imagine the things I could do (and would do!) with some of those remnants. Enjoy your time with them, and make something beautiful with them soon so you can have it out to enjoy with all your senses!

Christy at Lilbitbrit

Yes in the blood a love of textiles. My grandmother worked at Courtauld's Mill in Halstead and also my uncle. She would bring home remnants of wonderful brocades and I still have some.

Happy memories.



Bliss! I love those embroidered silks...


So gorgeous, Roz!


What a haul! Glad you found some treasures. You can never have too much fabric (or books).


Fondling fabric is so satisfying. Love those silk squares - I can almost feel their smoothness. Looking forward to seeing what you'll do with them.


I love the toile, one of my favorite designs. My husband trained as an upholsterer too, and I always look at a fabric, and think where could we use it. The wallpaper is gorgeous.

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