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Tuesday, May 06, 2014



You have a very beautiful garden Roz! And I just LOVE rhubarb!!


Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous. Loved the little stroll through your garden. Wish it were in person though. Ours is in a state of chaos what with having been away and then getting over the respiratory crud. But there's plenty of time and perhaps I'll even convince Himself to help. LOL

Jamie Chavez

Beautiful! I want to be there right now!

Margaret Lambert

I can almost feel the sun, and smell the green-ness.


Gardens in May are the prettiest things. Beautiful days for photos. Yours are lovely.


What a glorious place. So well established and lush. I love the moss on the statues, and the chair. I would love to explore and take in the sounds and scents ! Thank you for sharing xx

Pete Kane

Hello Roz, I have enjoyed your writings ( is that really a word ? ) but shouldn't they be called "Days in the life of a Welsh country woman living in England" ?

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