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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Margaret Lambert

I love the idea of a theme for the house, as in your Autumn Cottage. I've never named one of our homes, but we've been so long here perhaps I should. Your Mil was a force to be reckoned with.


What an adorable Sleeping Fox. How I missed it on one of your earlier posts, I'll never know. I'm with you, Roz, you don't have to have the glitz and bling that commercial advertising tries to convince us we need. But I much prefer finding things that "sing" to my soul. These I am powerless to resist. Ardi


Beautiful items for your home. I agree with your MIL on fools and their money. Filling a home with loved objects is a pleasure of mine, too.

Mad Englishwoman and Dog

I so agree with you about the fun aspect. Our local tip (recycling centre) is a wonderful source of dirt cheap and often free china - including bone china mugs. People don't like things if they don't match but I prefer them that way!


Enjoyed the beginning, and thanks for taking me along. Waiting for more....


This summer has been so busy with little computer time. I had missed the last few of your blogs.Its so nice to catch up!This will be so much fun!

Debbie Loveland

My decor include items that are comfortable, sentimental, nature/animal theme-including actual items from nature like pine cones, seashells, etc. If you look around you'll probably realize that I love Christmas because there is always a few items that I just can't put away. A business visitor once commented that my home reminded her of a little cottage. It certainly is little. I wasn't sure if she was complimenting me with the cottage comment or not. My stuff makes me content although I could dust and clean more. Your cottage theme is what drew me to your blog so I think I'm going to take that cottage comment as a compliment. :)

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