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Wednesday, August 06, 2014


Margaret Lambert

Love, love the butterfly canvas, and the little mohair bunny (is it mohair? It looks it in the photo.) I've felt a change in season here for the last week or so, though it can still get quite warm in the afternoon.Enjoy the garden for as long as possible!

tom blair

Here in America we never observe WW1 the way you do in England. I like that you do (I do myself). I have enjoyed pictures of the ceramic red flowers at the Tower of London. Love the picture of the candle, and the sweet table and chair in your bower.

"In Flanders Field where the poppies grow.."


Lovely images of your August garden. Our dark purple buddleia is attracting birds and butterflies still. It's still hot here, and more sun is predicted for the next couple of weeks.


Most certainly you should enter the competition. Having sat with you most comfortably in your little garden house, I can attest that it is a lovely, peaceful, delightful spot. The photos are very nice, Roz, and the tribute to WWI is heartfelt. The season is changing here, too. I have that "itching" to get all the bedding washed and stores set by for the autumn that is fast approaching.

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