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Monday, June 01, 2015



What lovely pots! Thanks for the "outing" to see the pottery. What is the saying on your pot? It's sort of obscured by the succulents.


I'm very envious of your beautiful new pots. Aren't they beautiful! While I'm admitting to envy, you can include your visit to the lovely old church, the hedgerows, and your garden!
I must now Google Whichford church to learn more about it.
Thank you for sharing your little journey with us, and I'm glad to hear that you are well, after all your poking and prodding..xx


Beautiful pots, and a lovely post. Just what I needed on a grey afternoon. Hope you soon recover after the "proddings" and can enjoy the (promised) sun. Cilla x

Jamie Chavez

I love this one!

Diana Birchall

So glad the medical stuff is put to bed (so to speak) so you can spend time in your proper beds - flowerbeds! This is a wonderful post, classic Autumn Cottage bliss. At first I laughed, thinking if somebody can write a book about earthenware pots, then everybody in every corner in England is writing a book; but one look at the Shakespearean pots and I was a goner! What a charming time I've just had, so lovely of you to share the experience. The hedgerows!


I love this post! The pots the church and the wisteria are all amazing! I am behind in my potting and planting and also must get to work before its too hot and dry for the plants to adjust.Now I am inspired.


Roz I always enjoy your wonderful blog posts even though (perhaps rather especially because) I am not a gardener myself. I enjoy visiting yours. So tranquil. Glad to hear you received a positive report from your doctor.


Love this post! Your garden looks Amazing right now, and that village.....awww, how I miss England....

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