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Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Jamie Chavez

Wow! Love the book especially!

Diana Birchall

(Happily) Oh YES worth getting wet for! Me likes blue bowl best, as you can probably guess. Glad you had such fun, and dare I hope for a little thrifting with you in early October? Shall write and tell you my plans.


Mornin' Roz,
What a beautiful book! Love the pictures of old India. And the wooden rose carving - gorgeous. What treasures you've uncovered. As to the rain, you will dry if you just change your clothes, fix a nice cuppa and snuggle down with the kitties.


Well, getting wet was really worth it, great finds!


Those illustrations are beautiful. I would have had a wander round too, in spite of the rain. Had hubby been with me, he wouldn't even have stopped the car..!

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