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Sunday, September 13, 2015


Diana Birchall

Ah, Roz, this is the kind of post I love more than any, and seldom find anywhere. "Another generation of dragonflies taking to the air." Beautiful: and the art inspired by them, too! Thank you for the moment.


Beautiful creatures aren't they. We see so many of them here, surrounded by water as we are.I'm so pleased for you that they have returned to your pond.
(Many years ago, when my daughter was expecting her first baby, she was mowing the lawn in their garden. Stopping frequently for a break, she realized she was being shadowed by a dragonfly. The dragonfly settled on the mower handle, and stayed there while she finished the job. As she looked at it, it made eye contact, it's big green eyes leaving her with a lasting impression that it was a very special visit.
Shortly afterwards she gave birth to our grand daughter, who incidentally, has big green eyes. Now, when we see a dragonfly, we think of Olivia, now 15 years old & the dragonfly has become her totem.)

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