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Thursday, November 24, 2016


Diana Birchall

What a lovely list - I'm glad American Thanksgiving inspired you to consider and write it! It makes up for a post somebody put up, charmingly titled "F--k Thanksgiving." This was all about the truly horrific history of the way indigenous people have been massacred in this country since the days of Lincoln (and earlier), with many reminders that this is what's behind our Thanksgiving tradition. True enough, but the writer ignores the fact that this has become solely a time for families to come together, to be thankful for the love we have, and to share it with others. Which we do, very joyfully. Today Thanksgiving is a good and peaceful holiday that in no way celebrates the atrocities of the past, but is all about peacefulness. It's really not the time for a hateful diatribe. Sigh...It's hard enough for families that are divided over the election to put their feelings aside in the interests of peace, without being reminded that they should feel guilty about a holiday which brings people together. There's no reason to spoil that.

Diana Birchall

Love the one with Pip with his eyes closed...and I remember seeing a beautiful pheasant like that in your garden!


Such a lovely and thoughtful post. I to thank God everyday for my blessings, family, health, roof over my head and enough money don't to worry to much about putting the heating on. I love my garden and find peace there even thou I live so close to the M4 and Heathrow Airport.
Thank you again and gave a nice peaceful day.
Hazel c uk

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