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Wednesday, August 09, 2017



An English garden polished by the rain. . . .


Lovely pictures of the garden help us see the beautify in the rain. Thank you Roz. It is sometimes hard to feel cheerful in the gloom, but joy is different and can be found with a bit of attention. I can vouch for Satya's 31 days of joy, I subscribed to it some time ago, and received a month of inspirational emails. Cilla x

Pat O'Brien Pavetto

What beautiful pictures. Here where the sun is hot and rain is seldom, these pictures are such a wonder!
I have not always lived where it is so dry. Rain actually is a comfort to me. It slows things down. I want to read or do something inside. Many moons ago when I was a teacher I found rainy days had a calming affect in my students. Now I wonder if I was calmer and it rippled out like a puddle. I just know playing quiet indoor games like Doggy, Doggy where's your bone or reading a story for fun on a rainy day. Appreciate your blog and look forward to more. Pat Pavetto


Cela fait une éternité que je n'ai pris le temps de venir vous rendre visite. Je vous remercie encore de ces magnifiques photos. Le jardin après la pluie est toujours un bonheur, les odeurs, les couleurs, la silence et cette fraicheur qui vous envahie. Comme j'aimerais que cela arrive chez moi. Le soleil a tout brulé et les plantes peinent à pousser et se déployer. Un désastre. Bonne journée à vous et promis je viendrais plus souvent pour prendre du bonheur plein les yeux.


Lovely photos of your rain drenched garden. Soothing and serene!

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