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Wednesday, July 25, 2018


wayne webster

Great rundown on your garden, Good luck with the heat i cannot imagine how you and the animals cope!!! Wayne

Ardi Butler

Loved strolling through your garden with you, Roz. All creatures great and small... You've had a very hot summer this year from what I hear. We are having a week of it and as another friend who was born and raised in the Pacific NW said "I'm a Washington gal and I don't like this in the least. Bring on the rain." The sun lovers are gloating - but we can't begrudge them this one week or two as they must tolerate our rainy season. Sun tea and a good book are the best way to combat the heat IMHO. Love and hugs

Mad Englishwoman

What a gorgeous post.


Always love a visit to your garden. There is so much to enjoy! My white lilies are blooming now too. Hope you get relief from the heat soon.

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