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Monday, December 17, 2018


Ardi Butler

What a beautiful post, Roz. I love every photo and every word. It truly is the time of year to snug up your family and celebrate what's right with us all. Sending love and fond memories to you.

Elaine Brown

Dear Roz,
So good to see your cozy home at Christmas. Glad you are feeling better now.
I love the dishes on the table as that is the way it is when you are entertaining. A celebration well done.
My family and friends will come over for Open House the 24th for food and drink. It was a tradition that my mother-in-law did each year. She had everyone over for midnight dinner for years until the grand babies arrived. We wore long dresses and the guys suits. She served a large roast and homemade rolls and cheesecake to name a few. Her mother was Danish and came to the states as a nurse before WWI. My mother-in-law loved Danish Christmas ornaments and I have many in our house.
I wish you the best for a Merry Christmas and the Happiest New Year.

brenda scofield

Yes, very, very Roz! Autumn Cottage lends itself to your lovely touch. I suspect that our childhood Christmases were very similar. Our Christmas tree was on the landing, with Cinderella Bakerlite lamps (Oh where are they now?) but the day itself usually ruined by a demanding Grandmother who insisted that her dinner was delivered to her and wouldn't budge to join our little band at home. Maybe that's why I value, like you, the gathering of close family.

I've just decorated the tree down here in Sydney, having "done Christmas" already at our home party in HK and spent days decorating that place! Two Christmases preceded by Thanksgiving is getting to me!

Diana N.

thank you for sharing your cottage and holiday memories. I put bird seed out for the solstice and enjoyed watching the birds and squirrels enjoying the seed. Your cottage..how cozy. I have a picture of my great grandmother's and great aunt's brothers and sisters long gone before I was born. Just last year, I put a little ornament or ribbon by that picture and did it again this year. I'm pulling out some photo albums now to visit with old friends and family . I like your fox pillow in front of the fireplace. Fox has entered my life this year...a fox sighting, a thought, then an image on a nut, and then an uncanny picture on my computer. Now foxes I bought on pictures , plates, because I know it means something to me. My husband noticed when I bought a stuffed animal Fox , so I told him the story . I now have little fox earrings in my ears. I don't know what the fox imagery means to me other than it makes me feel Smart, cozy, and safe. Odd that I shared this with you , but with your fox pillow there I felt you would understand. Happy New Years!

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