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Thursday, August 08, 2019


Diana Birchall

Thank you for this lovely picture of Pip looking just a bit smug is a basket! Hail and obeisance to my beloved friend across the water, from me and my three equally entitled creature cat companions, Pindar, Martial, and Catullus!

Ardi Butler

Such truth you speak, Roz. Abby really does run the show. Even Baxter is afraid of her. She has no front claws (alas, done before we got her by daughter's ex) and yet she still swings a mean paw at Baxter whenever she walks by. I think she seems him as the usurper. Her personality is so unlike the dogs we've had over the years - she is much more independent and yet there are little tender things we have come to enjoy - watching her climb out the dining room window and sit on the soft towel we have placed on a chair for her so she can soak up the afternoon sun. Then as the sun drops, she climbs right back in and tidies herself and curls up on one or the other of us for another nap. Thanks for sharing. Pip looks quite pleased with having found that wee basket all for him.

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