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Monday, August 05, 2019



An interesting prompt, though not one that I might immediately address...

We own a small parcel of land across the road from here. Without going into detail, we are trying to resolve a Dispute (arose before we bought) amicably, by transferring the land to the farmer that owns the largest part of the field.

One of the reasons that we wish to dispose of the land is because we discovered when going through the purchasing details at the Notaire's office that it is bounded by an historic hedge. We have legal responsibility and restrictions because of this - we would not mind, if we were able to use the plot (which we cannot at present).

Not entirely sure what is important about it but I may and try to discover more when we return home later this week. It might make a good post in response to your prompt!


Dearest Roz

Thank you. You've been one of my greatest champions, and I so appreciate that. I'm also so glad that you've been so committed to this project.

Great list; and really lovely Green Man!

With love

Roselle x

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