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Sunday, August 16, 2020


Anne L Cloward

I have been a happy reader for so many years. Currently I have been spending time listening to audio books. I loved the Maisie Dobbs stories by Jacqueline Winspear, the stories of a sleuth in London after WWI. In addition to the mysteries, I learned a great deal of history from the point of view of the regular people who gave their lives for their country.
Erosion by Terry Tempest Williams, one of my favorite environmental advocates, has released a compelling look at the erosion of the west and the destruction of the environment by the government for the past 20 years. It parallels the erosion of her family after the death of her mother, who succumbed to breast cancer, as a result of being exposed to the radiation from the atomic bomb tests in Southern Utah, a population deemed 'expendable' by the government. She is one of the most beautiful writers I have ever read. The love of all nature is so evocative.
Now I am ready to tackle Oprah's latest pick, "Caste" by Isabelle Wilkinson. Will report on it later.
Also I finished Mary Trump's book about her uncle, which casts a chilling feeling on anyone who cares about the US.

Anne L Cloward

I am almost convinced I have too many books, since I have just finished sorting and boxing all of mine in preparation for a move. Even culling out the ones I could part with has not made much of a dent in the collection. II have 7 full sized book cases, with six shelves in each, and they are still bursting out of their spots.


I am a reader who loves having a stack of books to dip into.

Heres my current stack of four print books in my writing corner:
The Circle of Ceriowen, OctVia Randolph
The Fabulous Flying Mrs Milker, Carol Baxter
Fairvale Ladies Book Club, Sophie Green
Writing and Publishing Gripping Family histories, Carol Baxter

And my two ebooks on Kindle:
Breakthrough: Surviving Alzheimers, Peter Dredge
How to Write Compelling Stories from Family History, Annette Gendler

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