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Monday, December 14, 2020



I would love to read this little book. There is a coziness in the old cottages - made cozy without a lot of fuss. I tend to think of fireplace nooks, warm blankets over the knees and an old book for company when I think of English cottages. Thank you for sharing your outing, Roz. Very enjoyable.


You certainly found some nice blue and white treasure. Everything in the shop looks so interesting and such a large variety of things. The book sounds wonderful, I am putting my "wish" in Ardi's bin tho. I know she would treasure it.


Aaah, Spode! I would have brought that mirror home too. And now I have an urge to go off to the Depot Vente in Lussac-les-Châteaux, which is our equivalent sale room.

Diana Birchall

Now, Roz, you know me well enough to know that I was squealing all the way through this video as you escorted me around one of our mutual "happy places", as close as I can get to one in England, during this time! Thanks for this, and any time you want to take your video phone to Hungerford or any other such place again, I am your audience! :-) I did long for the cottage interiors book, but to avoid the cost of international mail, I did find a copy for myself locally - and I thank you for the tip! xxxx


I'd feel like in paradise in that old furniture shop. Amazing you found yourself some more blue & white plates, I 'd have thought they were all exhibited on your kitchen shelves😉. Looking at pictures of English cottages is one way of dreaming away into a different,cosy,"all is well"kind of world, forgetting about reality. MERRY CHRISTMAS, Rose!🎄🎁🔔

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