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Margaret Lambert

I can hear it and feel it, this 'bee-hummed afternoon' with the scent of herbs and the rich, black soil. I think I'll linger there awhile, invisibly.


Beautiful! I want to pet Pip!

Caterina B

I find this a meaningful coincidence, Roz.
On Saturday, when I returned from shopping in town, there was a large dragonfly buzzing around my car. I got out and gazed at him and he continued looking at me and flying around my car and myself. I could actually see his large eyes. He seemed to be trying to communicate with me. This lasted for about 5 minutes and then he flew away. Later, while I read an article in a magazine, there was mention of how for ages people have believed the the dragonfly is communicating a message from a loved one to us. How strange! Was it my mother? Or someone else who has departed? I will look upon dragonflies with new curiosity now!

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