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We saw a clip from Northern Hampshire in our news today, about the snow. I know it makes huge problems for you, but honestly, if Norway should stop for snow like this, we could hibernate for several months :-)

A lovely post Roz. I wish I could follow you on your walk. An icy cold spell has hit us so it is not possible to walk at all, only to the bus stop when you have to go to work........and then it feels like the tears freeze in your eyes.


Another beautiful post Roz. I had to chuckle at Britt's comment about the snow in Norway. Some parts of Maine received two feet of snow a few days ago. We lucked out and got only a foot which is on top of the foot we already had. But that walk was wonderful Roz. I'm gearing up for the next one.

mary lou middleton/Texas

Your photographs are breathtaking. I have experienced light snows but nothing as beautiful as this. You were walking in a winter wonderland. Thank you so much for taking me along with you.


Such a beautiful countryside in the snow...thank you for sharing.


I'm crossing my fingers for no more snow, I'm supposed to fly to London on sunday....

Margaret Lambert

We don't get a snow of more that a couple inches often enough to see it as ordinary; in fact, with the drought we have had for over a decade a good, wet snow is much appreciated. Far better to be enjoying it than shivering in the dark!

sonja poor

Roz, what beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing so many. I'm glad you took the time to go out and to take these lovely images to share with all of us. We are actually getting a very light dusting of snow ourselves this evening. Not much accumulation is expected. I look forward to visiting and reading this new blog.


Wow, Roz, these are some of THE most beautiful winter photos I've ever seen. You DO like in a place of exceptional beauty. I very much look forward to following your wanderings and wonderings on this new blog.


Thanks a lot for taking us with you on your walks! :-) Great idea for this new blog which will be just another highlight in our daily lives.


What gorgeous scenery. I can imagine the peacefulness of the lane where a snowfall has turned what is already a beautiful walk into an enchanged wonderland. your pictures capture the tone and elegance of each tiny branch.

Leslie Garcia

Dear Roz,
Your photographs are splendid! I can feel the silence and breathe in the air..just from your pictures! It truly does remind me of Narnia! I feel lighter already...You are so right about memories...and family, contentment and peace.
Happy New Year!


It's all so lovely! Love the new blog!

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