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JoAnn S

just beautiful photos, today and yesterday. i have been reading about snow in the UK. i am in midwest of usa and we have had lots of snow too, its nice if you dont have to go out in it, which i dont. good luck to you this site is beautiful.

Margaret Lambert

Isn't it interesting how an unexpected event, like your snow, can shake people out of their routines and encourage them to venture out of their usual protective safety zones of ignoring strangers?
There are few things more beautiful than the contrast of the blue sky and the snow drifts. But then I love blue and white...


Once again ... beautiful. So quiet you could hear a pin drop onto that soft snow.


Beautiful pictures, lovely scenery - just my taste. Strolling through lonely woods & cross country - maybe in company of my dog - is just my very favourite occupation. it makes me feel so free...

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