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Mary Hackney

I don't really understand the "management" but hope it's for the better. The pictures are beautiful as usual, and so different than Texas' woods. Particularly love the "quilted ice" and the old birch's bark and the lichen. Thanks also for the links to Valerie Hardings' pictures. Will check them out later. "Seeing" is so important.


How beautiful the forests in your country look at this time, while we are suffocating in snow over here. I also love to "go walkabout", meaning that I like hiking through the woods and along quiet paths on my own or accompanied by the dog, stopping here and there to take pictures or just looking in amazement at the phantasy of nature. Looking forward to your next story and photos.


Your photo of the snowdrops makes my day. Spring is coming!! We're still blanketed in snow and I need an emotional boost. Can't wait until things start pushing up here.


Sure wish our snow left as quickly as yours did. Yes indeedy I'm jealous.

Margaret Lambert

I love the wonderful textures, Roz!
It is hard to imagine the wood being properly repaired after all that "management", which looks like an assault...I'll look forward to future photos.


The texture you caught in the picture of the birch bark is amazing. You are right, so many wonders are there if we stop and really take time to see them.


sonja poor

Quite a change from the snow scenes, but every bit as beautiful.


Time to get back out in nature. I'm looking forward to your April photos.

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