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October 24, 2006



Yeaaaaaaaaaaa! They are back. Now come the reports.

Welcome home and thank you for all you have and will share with us.



Happy you are home Roz. Love the pictures you have posted so far, especially the one with the hanging laundry. What is it about laundry in photo's taken in Italy? It draws me in every time.

Will be waiting and watching for the next entry.



I feel so pleased that Venice revealed itself to you both! you had put so much into it - enthusiasm, energy, dreams, preparations,...etc...
So it is GOOD to hear that all came up to your expectations...and more!?!
Thank you for these very first pictures and general impressions.
I, in my armchair, went to Venice through a magazine, "in the wake of Coco Chanel"... An interesting article...


Welcome back Roz. I am reading your blog from "my hotelroom", I seem to live totally in different hotelrooms these days.....though my next travel out of the country will be to Venice, in April :-)


Talk about whetting an appetite! Wow, gorgeous pictures and I loved the comment about a place where clutter isn't a negative...I am eagerly awaiting more of your posts.


I'm so glad you are back. I have been anxious to hear and see all of the details you have to share.

I'm sorry to hear of your fall! Hope you are on the mend.

Thanks for sharing the photos with us. Can't wait for more!


I will enjoy this travel diary I can tell. Your photos are interesting and entertaining, your descriptions too. The last picture is amazing..A Canaletto on film.

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