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October 27, 2006



Oh how beautiful! The photos are almost as good as being there. The silhouette should be framed! What are ogee windows?


I just love reading about your adventure! Each picture speaks volumes!



More wonderful photos, it does look a beautiful place. I particularly like the stone head - is it Neptune? Or is it just 'a stone head'? :)


I am already in love with your adventure from these few pictures. A friend at work just got back from Italy. She said she couldn't see herself living in Venice because it was like "Disneyworld".

I beg to differ!


The colours of the buildings are stunning, chalky but bold, and well loved, and the light appears very special somehow. I can see why artists found so much inspiration here. And speaking of inspired what is more delicious than fresh tomatoes, cheese, with bread and olive oil, and red wine...that is living.I would not have come home !


Beautiful shots, thank you for sharing them with us, I do appreciate !!!
I 've read somewhere that all the walls in Venice were covered with paintings (pictures) long ago and time washed them away... then they were painted in loud colours and finally in pastel shades...
but I cannot date those different periods though...

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