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October 10, 2006



I can not travel without my books, my camera, my travel diary, credit card and toothbrush. :-)
I am also going on Friday, must leave home at 4.30am, and I have not started to think of packing yet. Can you please come over and help me.......


Can I just say, I totally agree about the net bags - take lots! I travelled from UK to Australia in August on the day the terrorism scare blew up. I couldn't take hand luggage... but I was travelling with my (then) 8-month-old baby. It was a nightmare. The clear plastic bags they gave me disintegrated almost immediately and if it wasn't for the net bag I had for the nappies I wouldn't have managed. I got some very strange looks in the airport, though, lugging pushchair, milton bucket, baby, and an enormous bulging net bag...

Chewing gum is another thing I never fly without. I *never* usually chew chewing gum, but it is a big help if your ears suffer from the pressure changes while flying.

I often wonder what people from a past century would think of all our gadgets nowadays. I'm sure they would love MP3 players and mobile phones!


I love the outfit for the tea event - it looks really elegant. Black trousers are great aren't they - always flattering and can be dressed up or down. Hope you have a wonderful time and find lots of 'stuff'to fill the empty spaces in your case!


Pashminas - I have never heard the term. Of course, you already know I am not the "height of fashion" diva. Love your packing. If you ever need replacement parts for the GPS let me know. Phil had one identical to it, but the bear bit into it. I'm sure the parts, for the most part, are still usable. Bon Voyage!

Fran aka Redondowriter

And now I know you are even more famous because you're going to be on the radio! The ladies definitely would not have taken all the electronics, of course, but I imagine they had cutting-edge things of their own time, wouldn't you? I love your high tea dress--and I so look forward to hearing about the adventure. I love pashminas, too, and I love those little net bags, but I also love just plain old zip-locks in all sizes. What do you do with your dirty clothes as you go along? Have a great trip--cause I see a book and a play here.

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