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November 29, 2006



Dearest Roz.
This is absolutely wonderful. Oh, how I wish I was a fly on the wall during your visit.
Lovely photos and absolute glorious words.
I do hope that you seriously consider writing a book about your old lady!


Each part of the journey is even better than the last one. I think it is terrific that you'll be keeping in touch with the people at the hotel and sharing photo's and information with them when you can.


How truly magical and fantastical, Roz! I can only smile to imagine The Two ladies looking down from heaven and marveling over your find of the diary and your trip in their footsteps.

Goodness, it's so much better than a movie!


Roz, That photo of the lights twinkling surely has to be my favourite, a delightful mix of water and lights and gondoliers, has transported me to heaven!
I have an old 78 record, must dig it out one day....it is about a gondolier as he sings to his girl violetta in his gondola...that photo really reminded me of that record....its a crackly old old one...wonder if it still plays!


Oh Roz, your photos and stories are magnificent! It's been 16 years since I spent one short afternoon in Venice. It was only a taste. I now long for a complete repast of Venitian delights. I think I must soon plan a return trip to Italy.


After reading a magazine article about Coco Chanel in Venice (post 5046 at Armchairtrav.), I feel delighted to visit Venice "in the wake of Roz and Liz".
By the way could you send Liz my regards (and my thanks for taking care of you !)


I have just found your blog...and I am in LOVE...it has always been my dream to go to Italy...and reading your blog made me feel like I was there! Thank-you so much...


I don't think I can find the precise words to articulate how delightful your blog is...It so felt like I travelled with the both of you.

Thank you very much..


Roz what a dleightful post and how lovely a tea. So glad I read this and so late in coming to read it. But I sure enjoyed.


oh, Roz, you are right! I love this....I agree with Britt...:)

Looks like you had an absolutely wonderful time.

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