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Oh this is good news, Roz. I was just suffering from withdrawal symptoms as I switched on my computer. No River of small stones... But of course there are always opportunities to pick up "stones" during the day. I have had several "paying attention" moments this morning, it has become a habit! A good one I feel.
Lovely that you will continue to share yours here. I am considering how to maintain my practise too...

Margaret Lambert

I was just thinking of your small stones...and here you are with a special place to deposit them. All is well, and all is well now. A place for mindful moments. I will be here often.


At work again
but on my desk a cat
is working too:
first grooming, then sleep.
And all the while
a steady rhythm of purring.


Roz, this is priceless, I visited my daughter today, and she had 3 year old Sophie with her,Olivia was at school. Well, there was great excitment from Soph, because she and mum had gone a bit dotty and decided to 'mix' a potion! In a lidded kitchen storage jar, filled it with a mix of everything you can name form litchen and bathroom, and painting a glitter, it stated to ooze out of the jar and the hilarity was amazing. They did this, 'just to see'! And they are going to show Olivia when home from school.Mu thought was that this was a simple, lovely, funny bit of eccentric nonesense, and beaitiful, because, it was as Soph's put it, 'an expeniment.' All the way home I thought of 'mother and child' and what a wonderful little world of precious moments it can be! THANK YOU for this lovely picture! It was just the thin! x x x x

Karen Harvey

I am so pleased you are doing this Roz. I have enjoyed following yours and Cilla's stones and I've been thinking of setting one up called Counting My Blessings or something like that, I'm sure someone has already had that one, or just doing it on my little used website. Should have done it yessterday but er... life got in the way.

Karen Harvey

Karen Harvey | February 2, 2012 at 4:43 am | Reply

I have just set up a new page on my blog called 'Counting My Blessings' at I do hope you’ll join me.

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